Texti Newsletter #4

Holy this week is on fire! Google doesn't know how naming works, Meta launches ImagineAI that learned from your personal pictures posted on facebook and instagram. AI Alliance wants to keep security tight on AI.

The highlights of the week:

  1. Meta Launched ImagineAI
  2. AI Alliance
  3. Google launches Gemini

Meta Launched Imagine

It was just a matter of time until Meta was about to launch their version of image generation models. Well This week they officially launched Imagine which is an AI trained model that can generate images for you.

Interesting to know is that it is gradually integrated in every of their own products.

It'll soon be available in instagram, messenger, facebook and they are planning on allowing customers to extend their landscape images, to generate vertical content for stories.

What is curious to know is that Meta will likely use the images dataset they have uploaded during years to their own platform.

So if you ever thought why people post pictures of food in their instagram, now you know, these images will be used to train AI models and generate you the perfect launch, visually.

We tried to access and try out imagine, but it's still not available in all countries, and for now only US citizens can access the model and attempt to play with it.

But with a little desire you can still access it, just use any VPN software available and access the website and voila! The closed doors are now open.

That said we have tried and ran a simple prompt:Hyper photo-realistic photo of an eastern european male, of about 30 years old. Include the full body, make sure to avoid body imperfections, however add slight hair imperfections.

Which generated a decent enough result.

An impressive perspective on Eastern European Males. But we must say it looks pretty decent. Feel free to play around with it. Let us know how feel about it.

Note to say, we of course tried to ask the AI for nude pictures, but this keyword was rejected. However, if you ask to keep the clothing to minimum, or reduce their visibility to 0, you might get some NSFW results. I'll let you do the exploration there.

AI Alliance

You're probably asking the same question as I did. What the hell is this, and what do they want from our beloved AI.

Well if you read the IBM announcements website, you can think of them like they want to be safety net of the AI developments.

In a couple of words without the fancy wording they want to:

  • To control the standards and tools that provide AI, in the name of safety.
  • Control the evolution of the tools
  • Develop an Accelerator for startups where they'll know every project by name
  • But also help and support researchers in developing better and newer AI.

Who are they and who's going to be part of this Alliance? Well it seems IBM and Meta are the main coordinators, but they invited into the Alliance a very imposing list of companies that are trending in AI.

Worth mentioning would be: HuggingFace (largest model library so far), Sony (owning a very imposing list of trademarks), AMD, Intel, Dell, Oracle, and Stability AI.

Seems like the first year of AI was wild and free, so will be the next one, but control is coming over really soon.

Google Launches Gemini

It seems Google doesn't know how naming works. Just about 6 months ago google announced bard, and it was claiming it's going to outperform any existing competition. This week they announced Gemini and it is promised to be extremely fast. Regardless of performance numbers, the demo looks mighty impressive!Google announced that Gemini comes in 3 flavors:

  • Gemini Ultra — a model for highly complex tasks that should be ran on performant machines.
  • Gemini Pro — a middle ground for everything.
  • Gemini Nano — promising device oriented model.

Performance numbers are also very impressive. Google says that Gemini Ultra (their high-end model) outperformed Human experts on MMLU (this is a set of multiple disciplines, as math, physics, history, law, medicine and ethics).

We love to see this, finally Google is catching the competition! Given that Google is light-years ahead of competition in terms of data centers, it should be always ahead of the competition.

But we can see from the image that Google didn't even compare their model to our biggest head-runner from OpenAI, GPT-4 turbo. Which obviously raises the competition is Gemini that good or are they just better at marketing?

In my subjective opinion, Gemini is still behind, but what's cool is that a small start-up has turned upside down the industry in just a year, and made the well established companies struggle with competition!

Our Golden Boy Sam Altman made the impossible, made everybody stand-up and actually start working!

Among other interesting announced things were. Gemini Nano is being launched on Google Pixel 8 Pro running in Recorder app for summaries, and Smart Reply in Google board.

This is also very exciting, because once AI Models start running on device, this means a whole lot more for mobile devices.

That's it folks, see you next week ❤️️️️️️️

Happy Prompting!

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