Texti Newsletter #8

Welcome back to our weekly AI updates. Hope you have recovered from the food comma and you're back on track to become the next most fit person the world have ever seen! As new year resolutions are set in place we dive into the highlights of the week!

The highlights of the week:

  1. Chat GPT opens up the GPT store 🤩
  2. The Pope has an AI Advisor

Chat GPT opens up the GPT store 🤩

As promised during Openai's developer conference, the Chat GPT will have it's own store of plugins, which they call mini-gpts. Think of them as enhancers of AI's abilities, which are also specialized in a particular task, and could yield way greater results than crafting topics and asking specific questions.

The greatest part of this is OpenAI's take on this, instead of taking a technology and making private and closed, they're basically "open-sourcing", taking the hardest part on themselves, which is hardware and resource management, allowing developers do what are they most effective at – imagination.

I know calling it open-source is a stretch, however I truly think launching a centralized place where you can try-out a mini-gpts in one click, and having it always at your hand is crucial. They will also destroy out the competition and will make it one of a kind place. I can easily foresee people integrating tooons of third party SaaS as mini gpts. I do believe this has the potential to make a small industrial revolution among existing software.

Just imagine, ordering pizza via chat-gpt at your home. Just type here's my address, I'm organizing a little party for me and my friends and we want a variety of pizzas from this vendor. Please make sure to order it by 7pm. And you're just done, you don't even need to care about anything else. Minigpt can talk consciously with a delivery place and fulfill the order.

The best part is OpenAI will share a part of their revenue with the developers, not sure yet how much, but the revenue will be shared! Money is one of the most important motivation for humans, as everything is built around them. Sharing the revenue is a killer feature, that will make a massive impact on the evolution and distribution of mini-gpts.

An important step for humanity, and a great moment and unique moment in our history. Here's why:

  • This is potentially the next app store.
  • This could make openai step out of the crowd even more
  • This means developers have an easy distribution for their own creations

We live in a world where everything is possible, and anybody has the ability to shape the future of our world. This is yet another place that has the potential to allow you to change your live dramatically!

I live in excitement to the grand opening and can't wait to tell you what's going to be there the next week!

Pope Francis has an AI advisor.

I'll be completely honest with you, I had no idea The Vatican is so progressive, and has any idea about AI 🤷🏼‍♂️, not only that but the Pope has had an AI Advisor since last summer, and his name is Paolo Benanti. More than that I don't really know what his job is and what does he do on a daily basis, does he pray to the AI gods? 😅

It's super hilarious that the Pope has an opinion about AI, moreover it has a dedicated person to research it.

I did find out though that Mr. Benanti has had a considerable impact on the Artificial Intelligence ethics which have been adopted by IBM, Microsoft and OpenAI. He does actually have a large impact on the world and the church never misses an opportunity to remind about itself.

Last week on 2nd of January, during the 57th anniversary, of the Day of Peace, Pope Francis called for Regulation of AI to Safeguard Humanity, and it seems he does this for a while now. It seems that he's concerns are related to the potential takeover of the machines. I would also be worried about that though, Arnold is really old by now and he won't be able to carry the weight of the Terminator again. 🥁 😂

That said, ethics are extremely important topic, especially when we're talking about Artificial Intelligence and preparing upfront for truly independent thinking artificial general intelligence. It has to be fundamentally one of the core pillars of it's belief and thinking.

That's it folks, see you next week ❤️️️️️️️

Happy Prompting!


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