Texti Newsletter #9

Holy this week was rich in events! CES, Rabbit r1, GPT Store, I launched my own mini gpt to compete and conquer the entire store πŸš€. Texti Newsletter got it's own page where you can read through out previous news!​

The highlights of the week:

  1. GPT Store
  2. CES - AKA everything AI but not really
  3. Rabbit r1

GPT Store

As I have told you already last time, GPT Store was about to launch this week, and it did! On January 10th, the one and only Mr. Sam Altman, tweeted that the GPT Store is live!

The show is on. Now everybody can build their own mini-gpt and publish to the store.

I couldn't stand aside and tried a couple of them. Some of them are genuinely fantastic, while some are just pure garbage, but that's to be expected, ultimately normal distribution predominates everywhere!

For example Consensus, this one I think is a masterpiece, and I'm jealous I didn't come up with this idea. It is basically a context aware search throughout research papers. Why do I think it is super cool? Well it finally answers to questions that everybody craved an answer for, but were too lazy to research.

For example:

Question: Is it healthy to eat salt? If it depends, how much salt should a human consume on a daily basis?

Isn't his amazing? Now I can show throw that apple into my doctor's face! 🍏 πŸ§‘β€βš•οΈ

Now you could ask question that burned you for years, like:

  • How much protein intake do you need until you become a douchebag 🀬?
  • How fast is the speed of light πŸ’‘? Do we really know the answer 🧐?
  • Would King Kong 🦍 beat Superman πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ?

And many more, if there's a research paper, then there's an answer.


Next one on the list is Logo Creator. This one is super nice, it managed to create a logo as described, and even with multiple variations and requests it obeyed to all my orders, make it bigger, make it smaller, make it lighter, make it simpler etc.

It went through 4 iterations until I was happy with the result and it did well. It is a cool tool and can replace a junior brand designer, if you know what do you want, if you don't, well then a human is required.


​Screen Shot to Code is the next one, and oh boy it sucks. It literally created a sample boilerplate website that looked always the same. You'd better use any free templates available on the web, than this tool. Maybe one day, it'll be useful, but currently it is an absolutely unusable piece of wasted internet.


Rule 34 and the Internet. What would be the internet community without trying to make porn out of everything that exists in this world. Well not long awaited was the moment until gpt store was flooded with virtual girlfriends, and everyone trying to achieve the same result as achieved in the movie HER. Just look how many options are there to promote love. Well it seems the next generation won't be able to speak but type until the age of 16. I know for sure that OpenAI's policy don't allow any nudity and violent pictures, as this goes against their policy, but I'm sure there isn't too long to wait until somebody's going to create a third party image generation that will allow nudity and porn of all types.

Just look how many girlfriends are out there in chat gpt.

Ultimately as a classic broadway song, the internet is for porn.

video preview​


In summary I think the Chat GPT store launch was a success, I also built and launched a small motivational mini gpt, F-ing Great Advice, which gives you a fucking great advice. It will likely land soon in Texti.app as well.

CES 2024

One of the most famous and most important Hardware events that happen annually is the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. It is full of concepts, and sometimes almost real products that are there to impress you and predict what's going to appear in the upcoming years.

Well this year, everything was AI related, every company release at least a couple of products that were called using this brilliant formula:

AI + noun = unmatched representation of the future

At CES 2024 there was everything AI.

  • Smart Robots from LG (I guess you need some AI here)
  • ​Smart Robots from Samsung, Ballie (wanna be Wall-e, but copyrighted by Disney)
  • AI Powered TVs (AI??? likely an upscaling algorithm)
  • ​AI Powered Hologram (what the fuck is AI here?)
  • ​AI Mirror (they promise to adapt the light based on your face) Curious to know if it's gonna show you a rainbow 🌈 if you're dressed like a clown 🀑. And start strobing πŸͺ© like a night club in Berlin when it sees your hangover 😡 face.
  • ​AI Processor by LG (I guess AI based algorithms πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ)
  • ​AI Powered Tractors by John Deere (they promise self driving and harvesting tractors on the field πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŒΎ 🚜
  • AI Electric cars from Mercedes, Honda, KIA and brands nobody knows.
  • AI Dogs
  • Volkswagen integrates ChatGPT into their cars, so now you can have a proper assistant, instead of the dumb one they have built-in.

And many more, basically AI + anything you can imagine was already presented as a prototype at CES.

Generally I ain't that excited about the upcoming things, it seems that the hologram is just a projector in a case. Car prototypes are literally trying to compete over who manages to put the biggest screen in a car. The mirror is just a Philips hue with proximity sensor. The robots are pretty interesting though and I think this has the most work behind the scene which should be the more interesting thing in the long run.

Lastly at CES 2024 there was a hit, which got all the HYPE! Rabbit r1

Rabbit R1

Probably one of the most hyped products from this year was the Rabbit R1 AI companion. In less than a week they sold about 40 000 units and now another 10 000 units are on sale as of today January 17th.

First of all, I'm extremely happy that in 2024, someone managed to build a startup that is successful, and I'd like to congratulate them! Great fucking beginning into the Year 2024.

What's this all about?

In their keynote, this device was presented as the next generation of mobile phones. It promises to be the much awaited revolution in the UI controls. I personally think they fired all the designers, added a floating logo, and said that this is now going to be our interface βœ….

As you've already guessed it's all AI based. In fact it is a voice activated interface for ChatGPT, that can do everything chat gpt can. You're wondering why do you need a device for that huh? Well they have a couple secret ingredients to make their sauce taste good.

The Secret Sauce

First, the Voice processing is much faster than any existing alternatives, which likely means that they have a voice processor and an LLM model on device. Based on the demo, it looks quite good, and compared to existing voice processors I've tested before this feels instant.

But Large Language Models aren't new to us, we want more! Taking actions and actually doing something is the next possibile thing!
I mean so far the biggest complain people had for AI was lack of action (not really a complain but I need to make a transition to the next block).

LAM - Large Action Model, an invention from the team at rabbit, is basically a robot that can go to a web page, open it, find necessary buttons and click on them to accomplish an action. This sounds soo cool! It is literally an assistant that expects direct orders! Hey at least somebody's listening!

In an utopian future, we won't need interfaces any more, just schematics which will be accessed by robots, to find the most relevant and useful buttons, the next level of SEO will arise and we'll design just low fidelity prototypes.

In their Demo, they planned, and booked a trip to Paris, bought flight tickets, booked a hotel, a restaurant and planed three days of activities. 🀯 Extremely promising!

The future is now! I said to myself.

This is not all, they also showed, a way to teach rabbit do actions he doesn't know yet. You literally record a video of doing it, feed it to the software, then rabbit r1 will know how to execute the process from now one.

All of this at only 200$!

Boom πŸ’₯, Rabbit R1 blew up on social media, it was sold out 4 days in a row πŸ€‘.

When we start breathing again 🧘🏻

As we start breathing again, and the initial buzz calms down, the hype mellows down. We start reading between the lines. Real questions start popping up:

  1. This seems to be too good to be true. Is it?
  2. Why does this need to be a device? Why can't you make an app? We're already creating a bunch of hardware products that we throw into the drawer.
  3. How will this work, if you run out of data plan, or your network is poor, are you still able to use the device? Or this is just simply a brick unable to do anything with it?
  4. Will they manage to deliver this product? Do they have enough background knowledge to make this happen?
  5. Is this a real-time video? or did they play a Google Gemini on us?​

Speaking of the founders, reddit found out about them. Apparently they are ex-crypto founders that raised a bunch of capital and never delivered a proper product.

Rabbit.inc was previously called Cybermanufacture Co., which was renamed from a NFT company called GAMA. So these are just guys running on hype fuel and trying to find that jar full of gold. It seems they hit the jack pot this time, at 40k sales and 200$ per unit that's $8 million - on hands πŸ’Έ.

The real question, will they deliver? Is the device going to be as fast as demo-d? or this is just gonna be a, oh yeah it's buggy we know, but we'll fix it in a couple of patches, and a couple of patches later they're gone with customers money and investors money. A crypto story once again.

That's it folks, see you next week ❀️️️️️️️

Happy Prompting!


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