Texti Newsletter #13

All righty, 2 days until everybody falls in love, or breaks-up again because the present is not love-able enough, are you ready?
Regardless let's into this love week.

The highlights of the week:

  1. Boeing in love with AI
  2. Brain2Music
  3. Tips and tricks of the day

Boeing + AI (✈️ + 🤖) = 🖤


Boeing has a patent to create an AI agent to help inspectors find malfunctions in their planes.

Long story

This week Boeing decide to make love to their engineers ❤️, results were not let to be awaited for long, they are now officially pregnant. They filled a patent, to create an AI agent, that will be used to help mainly inspectors to detect malfunctions or elements that need attention in their airplanes.

A trivial job like a plane inspection might be boring and very dull, it's a routine after all, but when it's same thing again and again, you get the eye fatigue. As you know a robot is never tired – Boeing's plan is to make a robot that will do exactly that. I think that's super cool!

A company seeking to replace humans is meant to fail, a company seeking to help humans, is meant to succeed.
Peter Thiel

Instead of jumping into, "...and then this AI will replace the human that does the job! 🤬", I firmly believe we are not there yet, and we won't be anytime soon.

During the industrial revolution, in the 1900s, many people lost their jobs, mainly because their job got either obsolete, or automated. However instead of old jobs, new jobs appeared. Machines are smart, powerful, and crazy good, but still all of them need human interaction and guidance. Jobs became more intellectual, more skilled, and more safe. This ultimately increased the human expectancy to life, pay, and intellect. Was that a bad change? oh initially yes, later hell, no! Otherwise we wouldn't be able to waste our life scrolling through TikTok. Duh!

Back to the quote, I honestly and from the depth of my heart believe, that all AI tools that are now born on a daily basis, are here to aid, and improve humanity. We are not going to destroy ourselves!

...only AGI might.



Google Software Engineers collaborated with a group of researchers from Singapore, and converted MRI waves into audio waves using, MusicLM.

Long Story:

Last year a group of researchers from Singapore analyzed brain activity of a human, while showing him an image. It seems that the brain has a certain combination of neurons active while watching images, and that could be converted into a dataset for the AI to learn and try and replicate. The result were somewhat close, not to say exactly close, but good enough IMO for the first version.

Google Researchers saw this and they just launched their MusicLM, which basically converts text to music, you give it a prompt and it will try and create a song based on your input.

As they thought why wouldn't we try to do the same thing with music. As in let humans listen to music in an MRI machine, and we'll prompt the AI to replicate the music, based on brain activity.

The results are I'd say in a testing phase, as it has similarities and but it's not there yet. You can check the video presentation bellow. Demo at minute 3:19.

video preview

I know this is in it's incipient days, but imagine the DJ's of the future thinking about music, and then making a sample directly with their brains, no manual tuning just brain it out.
Another use case, imagine people could actually communicate with someone in a comma, solely based on their brain activity. We could chat to toddlers, neighbours from a different country. We could even extend this to animals and talk to animals around us like Eliza Thornberry. Oh I am so excited about the future 😱.

As said, in the previous topic, I truly believe AI will empower us to do things we have only dreamed about. 150 years ago we dreamed of flying like birds, tomorrow we dream of talking to the birds, and ask them to shut-up in the morning.

P.S: I know you're curious to try out text 2 music. And you can do it for free here (https://huggingface.co/spaces/facebook/MusicGen)

Tips of the day

Meta published their guide to LLM and how to run them locally but also they shared the prompt engineering guide along the way. You can find it here.

In essence though here are the main take-aways:

  1. You can stylize the content, by annotating it with a specific use case. If it's your first time doing something, it'll do the hard job and convert complex formulas into simple things. For example:
    I'm learning to cook, please explain how do I make ratatouille?
    I know nothing about quantum physics, explain like I'm 5.
    I'm a pro couch analyst, explain the influence of Britney Spears on Usama Ben Laden.
  2. Formatting. You can ask to return the results as bullet points, a table, code or even an image. It's all up to you.
    You are a robot that only outputs JSON.

    You reply in JSON format with the field 'zip_code'.

    Example question: What is the zip code of the Empire State Building?
    Example answer: {'zip_code': 10118}
  3. Restrictions, you can impose restrictions to them Model, by telling him, don't use information from instagram posts, and don't trust Zuckerberg, he's a weirdo.
  4. Examples. The more examples you provide to the model, the better the outcome. This can extend in multiple messages. This is due the way the models were trained.
  5. Chain-of-Thought. If you ask the model to think about it step-by-step, the results are likely more precise.

Britney Spears and the Ballad of Bin Laden’s Beat

In a world veiled in secrecy and shrouded in shadows, the most feared man on the planet, the sultan of subterfuge: Osama bin Laden, harbored a clandestine secret—a secret so audacious, so out of character, that had it been known, it would have sent shockwaves through the annals of espionage and international intrigue.

This is the tale of how Britney Spears, pop queen extraordinaire, unwittingly became the muse of the mastermind behind the most labyrinthine of lairs. Our adventure begins with bin Laden’s unexpected encounter with the irresistible draw of Western pop culture. As he clandestinely surfed the airwaves, evading spy satellites and coded broadcasts, his ears caught the siren song of Britney Spears. Her mellifluous voice pierced the veil of his austere existence. With every “Oops!” and every beat that demanded he “hit it one more time,” his heart beat in syncopated rhythm with the music.

The adventure took a twist when bin Laden, a man cloaked in the garb of terror, began to cloak himself in fandom. He amassed a treasure trove of Britney memorabilia—bootleg cassettes, rare posters smuggled across continents, and even a trove of glittering paraphernalia that spangled under cave lanterns. His devotion to Britney’s dance anthems was such that he commissioned a forbidden satellite dish, perched precariously atop his mountain fastness, all to catch glimpses of Britney’s spellbinding performances.

In the throes of his Britney-inspired reverie, bin Laden orchestrated an operation so bizarre it was deemed fictitious by his own confounded cadre. He dubbed it Project Pop Princess, and it was here that the adventure took a comical turn. By night, the cavernous chambers of his hideout echoed with the sounds of Toxic as bin Laden, donning a makeshift headset, attempted to emulate the pop icon’s legendary dance moves. Choreography was practiced, rewound, and practiced again, all under the guise of a new form of combat training.

The comic caper reached its crescendo when word of bin Laden’s obsession leaked to the world’s intelligence agencies. Spymasters and codebreakers were left befuddled, pouring over Britney’s discography for potential messages. Was ‘Stronger’ a call to arms? Was ‘Piece of Me’ a taunt to the West? they mused, as they scoured every lyric and every beat.

Our adventure concludes with an unexpected twist—a twist where pop culture and geopolitical tensions collide and coalesce in the most fantastical of ways. As Britney’s music infiltrates the airwaves of friend and foe alike, the beats begin to bridge gaps and build bonds. Armies lay down their arms, secret agents dance in unison, and the world unites under the banner of Britney.

And thus, in the pages of our comic adventure, Britney Spears is immortalized as the unwitting harbinger of harmony—a pop star whose catchy choruses delivered an encore of peace. This is the legend of how the Princess of Pop swayed the heart of darkness, not with might, but with the magnetic pull of melody and the power of an adventurous spirit.

That's it folks, see you next week ❤️️️️️️️

Love & Prompting!

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